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Yosul APK Mod

Buy the most necessary items in the game Yosul in one click using the unique Free Shopping Mod.

Developers have worked on the glory over the game Yosul and worked hard to develop something unique. And the unique thing is that the game has a completely new, non-standard gameplay. The game is the absolute opposite of “tetris”, but left with it its logical part.
The main task in the game is to clear the screen of the falling monsters. You need to lay magic spells on them. There are a variety of figures from the cubes. And when you touch them the monsters disappear. The game also has a large number of skills and bonuses, which makes it even more fun.

Get the most out of the game by downloading the Free Shopping Mod.


Yosul APK Mod Yosul APK Mod Yosul APK Mod Yosul APK Mod


Download Yosul : Free Shopping Mod

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