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Yandere School APK Mod

Get extra money for any expenses in the Yandere School game by installing an incredibly cool Money Mod on your mobile phone.

Yandere School is a pretty and very kind simulator about school life in which the main character will be a charming schoolgirl. She prefers to go to the goal and get what she wants applying the most radical ways to do it. One day appeared a rival. Someone wanted to liquidate and bury her in a flowerbed, someone thought that it was better to break a bat over the head and then bury her. In general, the game is full of usual average everyday routine. But the shovel should not be hidden far away because it can be useful at any moment.

Use the Money Mod and make the game even more interesting and exciting.


Yandere School APK Mod Yandere School APK Mod Yandere School APK Mod


Download Yandere School : Money Mod

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