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WitchSpring2 APK Mod

You can make the game WitchSpring2 much better. Give the Moon additional damage, gift its pets an infinite supply of health and mana, get an endless supply of gold and turn off the license check of the game with our VIP Mod.

A young witch Luna has not the sweet life. She sat alone in a deserted cave and perfected her magical powers. She can’t just go outside because there leave evil forces that can kill a weak and inexperienced witch. However, it is time to go out and test your skills. In this game you can also tame the pet, so that it can protect you and inflict additional damage on the enemies.

Make the game even cooler and more interesting right now by installing our unique VIP Mod.


WitchSpring2 APK Mod WitchSpring2 APK Mod WitchSpring2 APK Mod WitchSpring2 APK Mod


Download WitchSpring2 : VIP Mod

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