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WarFriends APK Mod

Take advantage of our unique VIP Mod for playing WarFriends to get unlimited ammunition, charge bullets directly, immediate combat unlock and unlocked WarCards.

WarFriends is an exciting online shooter in which the main focus is on team interaction and the use of a variety of technical devices including unmanned drones. In addition to tactical combat capabilities, you will get a huge selection of perks and a huge arsenal of weapons which will give you the opportunity to modulate the combat schemes yourself. As in the rest of the games of this developer in War Friends it’s just amazing graphics and very convenient control.

Take advantage of all the features of the VIP Mod to improve the game WarFriends and gain a weighty advantage over the enemies.


WarFriends APK Mod WarFriends APK Mod WarFriends APK Mod


Download WarFriends : VIP Mod

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