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Viral Hazard APK Mod

You can get additional gold coins in the game Viral Hazard by installing our Money Mod.

Viral Hazard is a dynamic scrolling shooter. You have to save the world from a dangerous virus. A new plague is approaching our planet and your task will be to prevent it from destroying all of humanity. Take control of the ship and shoot down viruses on the way. Prepare your forces and weapons for a meeting with strong bosses. Show in practice all your excellent shooting skills, finger dexterity and complete the assigned missions. Use in practice numerous skills and abilities, defend against virus attacks. Become a hero and go through all the countless levels of the game.

Install our Money Mod and make the gameplay of the Viral Hazard more comfortable.


Viral Hazard APK Mod Viral Hazard APK Mod Viral Hazard APK Mod Viral Hazard APK Mod


Download Viral Hazard : Money Mod

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