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TubeStar APK Mod

Get unreal wealth in the game TubeStar downloading the unique Money Mod.

Everyone in the world has heard a story about how someone earned their first million without leaving home. An impressive part of them earned it on their own channel on Youtube. And as a result, many people want to try themselves in the role of bloggers or administrators of their Youtube channel. And the developers from Michael C. Hall made it a reality. In the game you become the administrator of your channel. You have to select and post videos. You will do it in every possible way to develop your channel, attracting maximum attention to it. In the end you can become not only famous, but also rich.

Make a cool game even more fun with the help of the Money Mod.


TubeStar APK Mod TubeStar APK Mod TubeStar APK Mod


Download TubeStar : Money Mod

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