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Get access to unlimited possibilities of the game Teon with the unique Full Game Unlock Mod.

The Creator God Theon created Eden and all that exists. Mighty giants turned all their races into slaves, but people rebelled. And finally King Arthur, the commander of the knights, became the lord of Edin.
After the unification of Edin, King Arthur erected the Tower of Babel in order to reach heaven. Enraged at this news, Theon imprisoned him. The whole world consumed in chaos and people began to perish like flies.

The merciless King Attila usurped the throne and now spreads horror all over the world. The dead rose from their graves and Edin plunged into darkness.
But the ray of hope has not gone out yet. Knights, mages and elves with the heirs of King Arthur, revolted against the anarchy of King Attila. Let there be a battle of kings and knights!

Make the game Teon more complete using the Full Game Unlock Mod.


Teon APK Mod Teon APK Mod Teon APK Mod


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