Supremacy : God Mode/1 Hit Kill Mod : Download APK

Supremacy APK mod

It’s time to update your favorite game and make it even more interesting with  “God Mode / 1 Hit Kills”.

The Supremacy game is an extreme strategy, like RPG. It is full of many tasks.
At the beginning of the story the evil leader decided to occupy the whole planet and released the prince of darkness. The prince infects with his black magic everything on his way and turns everyone into his servants. You have to create your own team and stand against the dark magic. But you must know that this way is not easy ! Be careful. The prince of darkness is always one step ahead  and build new and new  traps.

The new “God mode / 1 hit kills” will allow you to make the game easier and more fun. Because now you can enjoy the  whole story and open all the new levels .Nothing will hold you back at difficult levels.


Supremacy APK mod Supremacy APK mod Supremacy APK mod


Download Supremacy : God Mode/1 Hit Kill Mod

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