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Star Legends APK Mod

You will forget about such problems as recharging and cost of abilities with the new VIP Mod for the game Star Legends. You will become invincible and your damage will increase by 20 times!

Star Legends is a completely new action RPG from the developers of DreamSky. Pretty nice graphics, characteristic style and very dynamic gameplay will capture fan’s hearts for a long time. Also, not only fan’s hearts, but all those people who just want to spend their free time in very interesting way. Players will receive all the necessary attributes of the genre. They recieve a grandiose storyline that tells the story of people’s confrontation and the most dangerous enemies of mankind.

Install the VIP Mod and it will make the game Star Legends even more interesting.


Star Legends APK Mod Star Legends APK Mod Star Legends APK Mod


Download Star Legends : VIP Mod

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