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SmithStory APK Mod

Receive extraterrestrial wealth in the game SmithStory with a new Money Mod.

SmithStory is a role-playing game for android platforms where you have to save the world from ferocious monsters. The main goal of the game is to destroy monsters with the help of super abilities. Each heroine is endowed with such abilities. Choose one of the girls and develop her special skills. And it will help you to destroy as many creatures as possible. For every dead enemy you will receive a reward. So you’ll have to try and press on the screen as often as possible. Your life depends on it! Open new heroes during the game and make them stronger. Everything for the win!

Develop your character will be much more interesting if you install the Money Mod.


SmithStory APK Mod SmithStory APK Mod SmithStory APK Mod SmithStory APK Mod


Download SmithStory : Money Mod

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