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Smashy Duo APK Mod

Feel the taste of wealth in the game Smashy Duo with the new Money Mod.

Smashy Duo is a very unusual and cute arcade game in the style of zombi apocalypse. Two players will play a game similar to tennis. But instead of a ball and rackets they will have a variety of deadly items. Thanks to these things you can properly clean crowds of cadavers. It is enough simply. Just press the right side of the monitor at the right time to beat off the projectiles flying back. Otherwise, one of the players will go into a knockout. A wide range of possibilities of this game will please every player. You even lose feeling of time playing this simple game.

You have the right to supplement an already excellent game installing a unique Money Mod.


Smashy Duo APK Mod Smashy Duo APK Mod Smashy Duo APK Mod Smashy Duo APK Mod


Download Smashy Duo : Money Mod

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