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Runic Curse APK Mod

Get lives and increase the power of attack in the Runic Curse by installing our VIP Mod.

Runic Curse is an action game with RPG elements on android where you will explore the cursed island. A group of travelers was hit by a terrible storm. After the storm the main character of the game Adrian woke up on the island and had to investigate it in order to find out the fate of the crew of his ship. Moving around the island you will learn its secrets and in the future you will find out that the island is cursed by the “Fleece Damnation”. Fight numerous enemies who stand on your way, craft weapons and use more than 50 types of spells. Fight with bosses and pump skills of your hero.

Install our VIP Mod and improve the Runic Curse gameplay.


Runic Curse APK Mod Runic Curse APK Mod Runic Curse APK Mod


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