Pixel Force 2 : Money Mod : Download APK

Pixel Force 2 APK Mod

Money Mod for the game Pixel Force 2 will bring you maximum pleasure and will give a million to the game account.

Pixel Force 2 is another gift for lovers of retro games from the company Digital Vault GbR. It’s worth praising the developers of the game.  They managed to create a quality game in accordance with all the requirements of mobile devices. This project is a follower of the game Pixel Force. But it is with a new engine, an updated weapon and a game world. So, the classic 8-bit graphics, dynamic gameplay, hordes of enemies and a lot of various achievements are waiting for you. Then different game modes, a large arsenal of weapons and more than 70 levels are also waiting. This is not the whole list of gifts with which the game is full.

Make the game even more fun after downloading and installing the Money Mod.


Pixel Force 2 APK Mod Pixel Force 2 APK Mod Pixel Force 2 APK Mod


Download Pixel Force 2 : Money Mod

Download APK


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