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Pixel Boom APK Mod

Get a nice cash bonus on your account in the game Pixel Boom after setting for it a unique Money Mod.

Pixel Boom is an incredible pixel shooter, in which you were the last survivor of the zombie apocalypse. It is make no sense to believe and wait for something. So, it remains only to rebuff the bloodthirsty zombies to the last bullet. Besides, there are a staggering amount of them in a desolate world, as the types of different weapons. Also, if you suddenly meet other players in multiplayer mode, it’s better to open fire immediately. Now nobody spares each other. In addition, the game will impress all lovers of bloody massacres and constant shootings.

Make the game even cooler by installing an incredible Money Mod on your mobile device.


Pixel Boom APK Mod Pixel Boom APK Mod Pixel Boom APK Mod


Download Pixel Boom : Money Mod

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