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Odysseus Kosmos APK Mod

Make all the purchases in the game Odysseus Kosmos completely free with the help of our unique Money Mod.

Odysseus Kosmos is a space quest with pixel graphics, whose events revolve around two main characters. Our lucky ones the astronaut and his robot-partner named Barton found themselves forgotten at the space station. They have been forced to wait for help, but also they need to save the work capacity of the station. However, one day strange things happened on the station and now our characters need to conduct another investigation. The game is built in the best traditions of the 90s. The game mechanics also displays all the charms of that time.

Install the Money Mod and feel like the richest player in Odysseus Kosmos.


Odysseus Kosmos APK Mod Odysseus Kosmos APK Mod Odysseus Kosmos APK Mod


Download Odysseus Kosmos : Money Mod

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