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Neko Sushi APK Mod

Get extra money for your game account in the game Neko Sushi by installing our incredibly cool Money Mod.

Neko Sushi is a great arcade game with a very nice style of graphics. You will have to build the highest tower you can. In addition, the details for it will be peaceful and very funny cat-sushi. Only one question- why did the tailed animals not eat raw fish? Perhaps this is some kind of conspiracy. The players need exactly fall into one line and also pay attention to the force of attraction which acts on the entire construction. Otherwise, everything will collapse.

Install the unique Money Mod and you will get a cool bonus that will improve your game.


Neko Sushi APK Mod Neko Sushi APK Mod Neko Sushi APK Mod Neko Sushi APK Mod


Download Neko Sushi : Money Mod

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