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LEGO® Tower APK Mod

Get unlimited gold coins in the LEGO® Tower by installing our Money Mod.

LEGO® Tower is one more project that will appeal to all gamers of any age and genre preferences without exception. They will go to the Lego universe where they will try to build the highest possible tower. The classic mechanics of the construction of each unique level-floor coupled with the corporate style of high-quality graphics makes the gameplay an excellent option for a non-stressful pastime. It is also necessary to invite residents, to participate with them in adventures and for various achievements to discover new people and opportunities to continue full-fledged activities.

Install our Money Mod and improve the LEGO® Tower.


LEGO® Tower APK Mod LEGO® Tower APK Mod LEGO® Tower APK Mod LEGO® Tower APK Mod


Download LEGO® Tower : Money Mod

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