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Kievan Rus APK Mod

Get premium access in the game Kievan Rus, accelerate the time of scrolling and get rid of ads by setting for this our incredibly cool VIP Mod.

Kievan Rus is an exciting and high-quality text strategy with incredibly cool gameplay capabilities. Players are invited to go to the Middle Ages in the role of the ruler of the Kievan Rus. In this project a thoughtless war will very quickly lead to complete defeat and conquest. The main thing here is diplomacy, intrigues, the economy and other directions of the country’s development. You need to try your best to survive and become the most powerful state.

Apply our VIP Mod to complete the game and make it even more interesting.


Kievan Rus APK Mod Kievan Rus APK Mod Kievan Rus APK Mod Kievan Rus APK Mod


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