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Idle Balls APK Mod

Receive a monetary reward in the game Idle Balls with the help of cool Money Mod.

Idle Balls is a simple game with jumping balls, something very similar to pinball. So, shoot the ball into a space that is almost completely filled with other still balls. In the case of a collision of the ball and static balls, you will receive points. And gradually clear the balls of the playing field. So your main task is to score as many points as possible. Then pass all levels one after another. And establish your personal record. Buy a variety of bonuses and improvements with which you can, for example, increase the speed of the flight of the ball.

It’s time to improve the game Idle Balls and set for it the Money Mod.


Idle Balls APK Mod Idle Balls APK Mod Idle Balls APK Mod Idle Balls APK Mod


Download Idle Balls : Money Mod

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