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Hero Parrot APK Mod

Get free replenishment of the game account in the game Hero Parrot by setting for it a unique Money Mod.

Hero Parrot is a fascinating arcade for Android users. You will help an awesome parrot free from captivity. The mighty eagles imprisoned the leader of the parrots in a gloomy tower. In order to free himself, he will have to spend a lot of efforts. Pass dangerous levels, filled with dangerous thorns, torches and saws and free your subjects from imprisonment. Watch closely so that parrot does not meet spikes and does not fall into other traps. Tap on the screen of your phone or tablet, thereby jumping with parrot on platforms, rise higher and higher.

Install the amazing Money Mod to supplement your abilities in the game Hero Parrot.


Hero Parrot APK Mod Hero Parrot APK Mod Hero Parrot APK Mod Hero Parrot APK Mod


Download Hero Parrot : Money Mod

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