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GoBotix APK Mod

Get a lot of valuable tips in the game GoBotix by installing on your mobile phone or tablet our new Hints Mod.

GoBotix is a logical positional puzzle in which the main actors are androids or robots but your main task is to lead your hero through complex multi-level locations that are everywhere stuffed with traps and other mean surprises. The main and unique feature of the game is that you can choose any path so to go through the level and change not only the sequence of moves but also the mechanics of the passage. Also, the huge plus of this game is an amazing three-dimensional graphics.

Take advantage of our amazing Hints Mod to make the game even cooler and more interesting.


GoBotix APK Mod GoBotix APK Mod GoBotix APK Mod


Download GoBotix : Hints Mod

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