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Flat Pack APK Mod

It’s time to remove ads in the game Flat Pack setting a unique Ads-free Mod.

Flat Pack is quite an interesting arcade and puzzle. And the achievement of victory will depend on how quickly you make decisions and act. The point of the game is that each level is drawn on blocks. And you have to navigate through the corridors to any of the available sides. So to pass the level you need to collect gold blocks and find a way out. But this is not so easy, because on your way there are many traps that are very diverse. Show your mastery of thinking and speed of action to pass the next level.

The game will be much nicer if you remove annoying ads with the help of the Ads-free Mod.


Flat Pack APK Mod Flat Pack APK Mod Flat Pack APK Mod


Download Flat Pack : Ads-free Mod

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