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Estiman APK Mod

Get financial independence in the game Estiman after installing a unique Money Mod.

Estiman is the best time killer on android. So, here you will have to blast multi-colored objects appearing on the screen of your phone or tablet. This game in practice will test your observation and attention. Carefully study all the objects appearing on the screen. And then blow them with one wave of your finger. Also, create a series of identical in color and shape items to get rid of them in the entire playing field. Stay in the game as long as possible. And set a personal record for time and points. So, the game will surprise you with minimalistic graphics, great music design and several game modes.

After installing the Money Mod you will get new opportunities that will make the game Estiman even more interesting.


Estiman APK Mod Estiman APK Mod Estiman APK Mod Estiman APK Mod


Download Estiman : Money Mod

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