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Doodle Alchemy APK Mod

Get unlimited tips in the Doodle Alchemy by installing our Tips Mod.

Doodle Alchemy is an entertaining puzzle where you will explore the world of alchemy. At the beginning of the game you will have four basic elements such as air, water, earth and fire. Combine these elements with each other and get new ones that will open up the whole world. Embark on an exciting journey, learn a lot about the world around you and learn how to apply the elements. The game will delight players with beautiful graphics and effects, pleasant music and an unforgettable atmosphere. Discover all the new items and fill out the entire book with them.

Install our Tips Mod and improve the Doodle Alchemy.


Doodle Alchemy APK Mod Doodle Alchemy APK Mod Doodle Alchemy APK Mod


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