Dead Zombies: Shooting Game : Money Mod : Download APK

Dead Zombies - Shooting Game APK mod

With the new money mod, you can feel yourself all-powerful in the game Dead Zombies: Shooting Game, because now you can buy absolutely everything!

Dead Zombies: Shooting Game is a game where you’ll become a brave superhero, surrounded by crowds of zombies and monsters in the heat of the apocalypse – the main task is to survive at any price! Zombies climb from all the cracks: kill, explode, run away but do not give up. What will you do when you complete all your cartridges? Or even  the worst! When in the next sally you will fall into a trap  with these creatures? Here comes the money mod. With its help, the game will become even more exciting, because you feel yourself much more confident when there is a million in your pocket.


Dead Zombies - Shooting Game APK mod Dead Zombies - Shooting Game APK mod Dead Zombies - Shooting Game APK mod



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