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Crab War APK Mod

It’s time to become the richest crab in the game Crab War after installing the Money Mod on your mobile device.

Crab War is an exciting tactical strategy that contains elements of action-arcade. So, the actions of the game take place in a parallel reality. And here the treacherous and dangerous reptiles with the help of vile tricks drove out cute crabs from their old place of residence. And for a couple of centuries crabs have to cramp in underground caves. Of course while reptiles have warmed their bellies in the sun. But one day crabs managed to tame the strength of crystals and they had hope. So your goal is to help exiles return their native lands.

Install the Money Mod and enjoy the new affordable game features.


Crab War APK Mod Crab War APK Mod Crab War APK Mod Crab War APK Mod


Download Crab War : Money Mod

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