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Download Music APK Mods for Android! Play free modded games now! Become the best Music player with our mods!

Infinity Run : Money Mod : Download APK

Get extra cash on your gaming account in an amazing Infinity Run game by installing on our mobile phone our amazing Money Mod.

BEAT MP3 – Rhythm Game : Money Mod : Download APK

Get unlimited cash in the game BEAT MP3 - Rhythm with the help of our Money Mod.

Ride Zero : VIP Mod : Download APK

Open all the music tracks in the game Ride Zero with the help of our new VIP Mod.

Project: Muse : Money Mod : Download APK

You can make any purchases for free in the game Project: Muse by installing our Money Mod.

SuperStar SMTOWN : VIP Mod : Download APK

Unlock absolutely all missions and groups in the amazing game SuperStar SMTOWN with our VIP Mod.

2048 BEAT : Money Mod : Download APK

Refill your game balance with a fabulous amount in the game 2048 BEAT by installing on your mobile phone our magnificent Money Mod.

Dynamix : VIP Mod : Download APK

Install our new VIP Mod for the game Dynamix and unlock the access to all the tracks.

Arcaea: New Dimension Rhythm Game : All Songs Unlocked Mod :...

Access all the songs in Arcaea: New Dimension Rhythm Game by setting the All Songs Unlocked Mod.

AyoDance Mobile : VIP Mod : Download APK

Get always A and +500 points in the game AyoDance Mobile by installing our new VIP Mod on your mobile phone.

BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! : VIP Mod : Download APK

Get an automatic “A” in the music game BanG Dream! Girls Band Party by using our unique VIP Mod.

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