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BuriedTown APK Mod

Replenish your gaming account for an infinite amount of money and unlock absolutely all the features in the game BuriedTown by installing our VIP Mod.

BuriedTown is a survival simulator in the city during a zombie apocalypse. The game has a dark graphics. It was made to complement the situation in the game. Also, it has a very hardcore gameplay that requires accurate and thoughtful actions from the gamers. Here will be very easy to die not only from the teeth of the walking dead but also from hunger and banal cold. The main character needs to equip a shelter, provide himself with all the necessary things and supplies and create channels of communication with others like him.

Enjoy all the benefits of our VIP Mod and get even more emotions from the game BuriedTown.


BuriedTown APK Mod BuriedTown APK Mod BuriedTown APK Mod BuriedTown APK Mod


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