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Block Fortress APK Mod

Get unlimited resources in the Block Fortress by installing our VIP Mod.

Block Fortress is a great strategy in the Minecraft style with a unique mix of tower defense and FPS! Players will get the freedom to complete the creation of the fortress in different ways defending themselves against the attacks of the ruthless nasty Goblocks! Combine the skills of your wrestler and builder to survive for a longer time! Thanks to the mass crafting system, we can customize the units, equipment and weapons. The game has a multiplayer cooperative mode for several players, about thirty different building blocks, sixteen types of progressive towers, a mass of supporting blocks including generators, deep mines, bombs, teleports, searchlights and many other interesting things. The project has the day and night mode, six different types of terrain and the ability to load and unload conservation.

Install our VIP Mod and improve the Block Fortress.


Block Fortress APK Mod Block Fortress APK Mod Block Fortress APK Mod


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