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Blackies APK Mod

Enjoy your favorite game Blackies with endless lives and tips with the Hearts/Hints Mod.

Far away on the other side of the universe live lovely creatures. They call themselves Blackies. They are very smart  and always ready to know something new and interesting. Most of all they like logical thinking! They  face a lot of mysteries during whole life . Although their life is a mystery. They live by 2 rules. The first one is to jump over your neighbor. And the second one is to survive and stay the only one.

And each of them jumps better than others, in order to become the only last Blackies.

You are able to help them with this difficult task. It will be much more fun and interesting for you with Hearts/Hints Mod!


Blackies APK Mod Blackies APK Mod Blackies APK Mod Blackies APK Mod


Download Blackies : Hearts/Hints Mod

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