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Beat Racer APK Mod

By having installed our incredibly useful Money Mod for Beat Racer you will get an unlimited supply of money to your gaming account.

Beat Racer is an amazing music game on android in which you will drive around the city and pick up notes. In this game you take control of a small car and guide it through incredible locations picking up notes and doing it to the rhythm of the music. Try to come to the finish line for the shortest period of time and get rid of the chase that drives you cars. On your way there will be a huge number of obstacles in the form of sharp thorns and various obstacles.

Take advantage of the possibilities of our Money Mod to make the gameplay even more fun.


Beat Racer APK Mod Beat Racer APK Mod Beat Racer APK Mod Beat Racer APK Mod


Download Beat Racer : Money Mod

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