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Alien Blackout APK Mod

Don’t miss a chance to get at your disposal unlimited time for escaping in the game Alien: Blackout by installing our VIP Mod.

Alien: Blackout is a horror adventure in the cult universe. Most importantly is that this project is made for mobile platforms. The game reminds of Five Nights At Freddy’s with its gameplay mechanics. Gamers will play the role of Amanda Ripley. You will be sitting behind the cameras in the control room. You task will be to lead a group of people through 7 levels of labyrinths for a certain time. Navigate them very carefully. Be careful, somewhere around there is a xenomorph. We’ll have to try to at least one was able to get to a safe place.

Install our VIP Mod and improve the game Alien: Blackout.


Alien Blackout APK Mod Alien Blackout APK Mod Alien Blackout APK Mod


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